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British Democracy: Its Restoration and Extension

British Withdrawal from the European Union: A Guide to the Case For

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Defending Liberty: The Case for a New Bill of Rights

Engineering Firms: A Survey of Factors Affecting their Growth and Performance

Housebuilding and the New Homes Market: A Survey

Industrial technological products: a study of key influences on buying, selling and market growth

Industry and Enterprise: An International Survey of Modernization and Development

Manufacturing and Investment Around the World: An International Survey of Factors Affecting Growth and Performance

Manufacturing in Britain: A Survey of Factors Affecting Growth and Performance

Marketing Industrial Machines: Key Influences on Buying, Selling & Market Growth

New Technology in Housebuilding: A Review

On Liberty: A Translation into Modern English

Political Barriers to Housebuilding in Britain: A Critical Case Study of Protectionism and its Industrial-Commercial Effects

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Small and Medium-Sized Business Finance: A Review

Statutory Minimum Wage Controls: A Critical Review of their Effects on Labour Markets, Employment, and Incomes

Technological Development in Industry: A Business-Economic Survey and Analysis

The Business Finance Market: A Survey

The Housing Market: A Survey

The Management of Business Lending: A Survey

The Mortgage Loans Industry and Market: A Survey

The Pound and Monetary Economic Policy Independence: A Summary of the Case for Retention

The Wealth of Nations: A Translation into Modern English

Theories of Industrial Modernization and Development: A Review

Theories of the Labour Market and Employment: A Review

Two Treatises on Government: A Translation into Modern English